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2022-06-23 07:21Football match results
Summary: How to say politely that you don't want to play footballNo time or other things to doIs there any harm in playing footballIt is not a big problem for boys. The joint is easy to be injured. Even if
How to say politely that you don't want to play football
No time or other things to doIs there any harm in playing football
It is not a big problem for boys. The joint is easy to be injured. Even if there are no serious problems when young, middDon't play footballle-aged and elderly people will obviously find that their joints are worse than those who do not play football. Other parts are prone to injury. I have been injured by meniscus for nearly 10 yearsToday is a rainy day. Don't go out to play football
It is rain today should be the most authentic There is a football game today It is rain today, but there is still a football gameShould I say goodbye to playing football in my situation
First of all, we are not professional players. Football is our hobby. What if we play well or badly. We are full of enthusiasm and love for football. If you are busy with your studies, you can put them aside for a while and play properly. If you have nothing to do, you can find friends to play with, or watch online videos to learn some techniquesDon't play football on the side of the road
[don't play football on the side of the road] one day, Xiaoming and Xiaoqiang were on their way to school when they suddenly saw their classmates playing football on the side of the road. A small ball rolled around the side of the road. They also wanted to participate. Suddenly, the goalkeeper Don't play footballdidn't catch the ball, so the ball flew towards Xiaoming. Xiaoming saw the ball coming, MaEveryone is keen on playing basketball. Why don't you like playing football
In the world, sports are not only basketball, but also football, volleyball and so on. But not to mention other countries, there are far more people playing basketball in every school in China than in other sports. At this time, people will ask that everyone is generally keen on playing basketball. Why don't they like playing footballChina will not play football in the future
I want to play, but I've cancelled the league and put those who can endure hardships into Brazil Don't play footballsince childhood to play street ball`~~
Do I want to play football? It's so tangled
Finally, I suggest you go. Maybe it's not a profession. It's good to be semi professional. It's better than going to work. You usually do what you like. From the perspective of football, you should look at Harvey, Pirlo and Iniesta. It's helpful for you. China is Konka. Finally, I suggest you go to the test. If you can't choose it, what can you doShould I choose to play football
Brother, today's parents are trying their best to let their children learn. You are already a sophomore in senior high school. It is a critical moment. Study hard and do a good job in your academic performance. When you go to college, you will have physical education class. When you choose football, you can play for 4 years without worry and exerciseSince playing football is very profitable, why don't many people play it
Playing football also has a lot of stress! First of all, you mDon't play footballust have that innate condition. You can withstand the boring and hard training, so you have to have a big heart! Are you still interested or supported by your family! The important thing is the environment. There must be a football atmosphere
Don't play football

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