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Football IQ the role of IQ

2022-06-23 20:06Football match results
Summary: Talk about the role of playing football in Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and intelligence quotientNow [international football chess], [International Basketball chess] and [International Volleybal
Talk about the role of playing football in Cultivating Emotional Intelligence and intelligence quotient
Now [international football chess], [International Basketball chess] and [International Volleyball chess] are popular in some places. In fact, it may be related to its ability to cultivate people's various IQ and EQ. For example: imagination, memory, mental arithmetic ability, organizational ability, command ability, predictive ability 7In terms of intelligence, Chinese people are not bad, but why do you think Chinese people don't move when playing football on the court
Answer: I don't think it's a brain problem. It's a brain problem. The system of Chinese football is to focus on sports school practice from childhood. Those who are mentally ill and can't learn. Of course, there is no need to say their physical quality, that is, only their bodies. It's not just football, basketball, any other sportsMother e: how to cultivate children's football intelligence, that is, football quotient
Notice that Football IQ  the role of IQbetween the brackets and the introspective intelligence, he uses a multiplier, an amplifier. I find this formula is also very useful for the cultivation of children's football intelligence. Here is my thinking on how to cultivate children's football Intelligence: the basis of neurointelligence is children's talentHow high is the IQ of a football coach and whether playing football can train other abilities
As for IQ, it's just a simplified measure. I don't think it has much meaning. I despise it. Football training can give you a lot of ability, communication ability, coordination ability, indomitable will quality and so on. Any experiFootball IQ  the role of IQence and experience will have a positive impact on your lifeWhy is it said that the IQ of playing football is high while that of playing basketball is low? Ethnic issues
Because football is a sport that surpasses everything. It originated in China and has a history of more than 2000 years. Those who play basketball do not necessarily have low IQ, such as Lin Shuhao; But those who play football must have high IQDo you play football to develop your intelligence
In fact, each sport not only exercises itself physically, but also improves the spiritual realm. I am a football fan. Playing football can really develop my intelligence. It's a little bit. A fool can't play football. Look at Harvey and Iniesta. Japan has a documentary about them, which studies their brainsHow to improve your football IQ
First of all, I have to like football. I don't play football for the sake of playing football. I think playing football is a kind of happiness and enjoyment. Secondly, we should pay more attention to football news and games, which can increase "football IQ" and an understanding of football. Then there is practice, of course, if you love football so muchThere are so many Chinese people. Why is football so delicious? Is there a small football population or a low IQ
The reserve force is insufficient. There are very few teenagers playing football now. Only about 2000 young players have registered with the Chinese Football Association. For example, there are 2million in Japan and more than one million in South Korea! The internal management of the football association is chaotic. Some people who do not know football are specially engaged to Football IQ  the role of IQmanage football. In recent years, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association has changed
What is the average IQ of playing football
100 the average IQ of everyone is 100, and there is nothing special about playing footballAre football players of high EQ
Some people have high EQ, while others have simple Eq. If playing football has a positive impact on EQ, I think the reason is that in terms of team cooperation, I can cooperate with others, accept failure and organize attacks aFootball IQ  the role of IQgain. This kind of team cooperation and frustration education is an experience that today's children can hardly gain through other means
Football IQ the role of IQ

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