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She can play football

2022-06-23 23:44Football match results
Summary: Can girls play footballIt's good to have a soccer partner as long as you like itThe girl I like likes playing football. How can I catch herYou can cheer for her. Maybe you don't play football, b
Can girls play football
It's good to have a soccer partner as long as you like it
The girl I like likes playing football. How can I catch her
You can cheer for her. Maybe She can play footballyou don't play football, but you must understand this knowledge, so that you can build your own same topic. You can see which team she likes, which League she likes, and which player she likes. After knowing all this, she will feel that she has something to talk about with youShe is playing football
She is playing football. This sentence is expressed in English not in the ordinary present tense, but in the present continuous tense to indicate that the action is taking place. The structure is the present participle form of be verb plus verb. The sentence is she isHe can sing, dance and play football
Not only can she sing songs,but also she can dance. You' d better not to play football here.My girlfriend likes playing footShe can play footballball. I'm not very good at it
It won't be normal, but you can also play football with her. In the process, you let her teach you, that is, you can get in touch with her feelings and satisfy her vanity. This is a very good way, unless you don't want to accompany her
What is the meaning of the girl saying that he can only play football but not basketball
I don't like you. Let's forget it. Maybe she can play basketball in fact, She can play footballbut she doesn't want you to pester her anymore, so she says she can't play basketballCan shecanplayfootball change the general question and give a positive answer
This sentence contains the modal verb can, which means "ability". When changing to a general question, you neeShe can play footballd to advance the modal verb can. Other word orders do not need to be adjusted, so the correct form is can she play football? The positive answer is yes, she can... She is very tall. He has big eyes. She has long hair. She likes playing football_ Hundred
! This is my mother /mum She is tall. She has big eyes with long hair She likes playing football .She likes playing football
She likes playing football.She plays football very well, so she joined the basketball team
she plays the basketball very well so she take part in the basketball team
She can play football

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