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Poor football the main reason

2022-06-22 18:01Football match results
Summary: Why has the national football team been playing so badlyPlaying fake ball is the main reason. Secondly, football has not been popularized since childhood to cultivate children's interest in this sp
Why has the national football team been playing so badly
Playing fake ball is the main reason. Secondly, football has not been popularized since childhood to cultivate children's interest in this sport. Rural schools and ordinary counties do not even have football teachers. How can you choose talents! All of them are players from big cities. Personally, I think that rural children have better physique, and we should vigorously tap talents at the bottomWhy is the Chinese men's football always so bad
2. Also influenced by the NBA, young people now like basketball stars such as Kobe Bryant and James, while fewer and fewer people like football stars. (three quarters of the boys in our class like the NBA, and the girls can turn to basketball. When our class plays basketball, all the girls go to cheer, while the football players don't look at it.)You play football worse than anyone else, but you have more football at home than anyone else
The level doesn't hinder the love. You can like it if you don't play well. It is originally a sports event, just an entertainment to strengthen the body. As long as it is within the scope of their own ability, what's the big deal with more footballWhy is Chinese football so bad
The senior management should also take the blame and resign. Only when there is pressure can there be motivation! The management system is not good. The top management departments are playing games for their own interests. No one really puts themselves in the interests of Chinese football, which leads to the transformation of the players below. This may be called tPoor football  the main reasonhe upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked. I hope it can be improved in the futureIs it the players' problem or the coaches' problem that Chinese football is not playing well
Start with anaerobic capacity. Poor physical fitness led to football players not on the ball most of the timePoor football  the main reason in 202, but once they caught the ball, they would become anaerobic in sprint. After that, it was the worst part of the bodyWhy is the Chinese football team so bad
Why can the Chinese men's youth football team achieve good results in the world cup? When it comes to the Chinese national team, it will become so bad, right! Three reasons: China's overall fooPoor football  the main reasontball concept is far from that of the world's high-level countries. China's system is differentWhat kind of experience is it to play football on a football field with poor conditions
The ground is wet, the turf is dilapidated, and the markings are not clear. They can only play football with their own consciousness. They dare not wrestle or shovel people, and are particularly vulnerable to injuryWhat is football? Why can a country play football so badly
The fundamental problem of Chinese football is the system. On the surface, losing is because the players' level is not good, but why the players' level is not good? Can't so many people in China find 11 high-level ones? On the surface, there are many Chinese people. How many people can really engage in professional football? According to statistics, there are 20000 professional registered players in China. In JapanHow will the bad public opinion environment of Chinese football affect coaches and players
The real cause of public opinion is the high salary and low performance of Chinese football, which makes Netizens feel unbalanced in the face. Because of this, more and more people maliciously discredit the men's football team. Coaches and players are facing a bad environment that affects Chinese football. The most directly affected are coaches and players. InMany people feelPoor football  the main reason that the national football team is not good enough, and they are clamoring for dissolution. If you are allowed to play, can you play better than them
Secondly, not everyone in China can play football, but is there no freedom to criticize people? The domestic men's football is playing so badly, don't you allow others to say something? Over the years, the men's football in our country has been indulged on the one hand, and stunned by money on the other
Poor football the main reason

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