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I play football with my feet

2022-06-27 19:00Football match results
Summary: I injured my foot playing football. I didn't care at that time, but it still hurts after a month. Does it leave the root of the diseaseIt depends on your age and injury. If you are young, you can s
I injured my foot playing football. I didn't care at that time, but it still hurts after a month. Does it leave the root of the disease
It depends on your age and injury. If you are young, you can speak a little and reply quickly. But if you are old and seriously injured, you must have the root cause of the disease. Pay attention in the future. You must pay more attention to safety when exercisingPlay football foot ache, how to return a responsibility
It may be the wrong foot shape, and the other is whether your foot has been injured. If you have been injured, you should pay attention to it, raise more, and don't play football too hard for a short time. If you haven't been injured, you may have a loose instep when playing football. I also like playing footballMy toe nail is green when I play football. It hurts a little when I walk. How should I deal with it
Wrap it with medicine ~ wait for the new nail to come out
How to play football heel ache to treat
Feet can do this without anything. I'm tired after playing football all day, which can relieve my fatigue. Persist for a few days, should be able to alleviate symptoms. But it's better to practice your right foot. After all, sports are about the body! It is very harmful to use one foot for a long time. For example, as a defender or a central defender, I often practice passing with my left footHeel ache after playing football, how should do
It is suggested that local braking, anti-inflammatory and aI play football with my feetnti pain treatment should be carried out to prevent aggravation. If the symptoms have lasted for half a year, I hope to pay attention to them. I am still young to prevent the existence of sequelae. Go to the hospital for regular and comprehensive treatment. It is estimated that even if the treatment is good, I can't play football for a long timeI play football. My feet are weak. Can I use sandbags
Yes, sandbags. The same is true of the training of professional football players. In order to strengthen their feet, they usually take training such as running and long jump with sandbags tied to their feet. In addition, they are also very good at playing football. They kick the ball fast and far, and their food is better than oursHow do I do when I play football with my external thumb sore
This is a sports injury. The treatment method is as follows: if the injury is not serious, it can be treated at home. Cold compress within 24 hours, hot compress after 24 hours, and reduce the movement of affected limbs. And some drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can be applied externally and taken orally. If the injury is serious and the pain is unbearable, you need to go to the bone surgery department of the hospital for confirmationI feel weak when I play football, but my legs are not as thick as mine
Football is a game in which the thigh drives the calf. The cI play football with my feetalf is only used as the direction of the ball and the final force. Of course, the calf is still horizontal. The thickness of the calf does not mean that your muscle strength is large. The thickness of muscle fibers varies from person to person
How to play football without pain
Usually you can play the ground ball. For passing, you should play the ball inI play football with my feet the middle or a little above the middle, which is conducive to accurately passing the ball to your teammates. If you want to kick the ball up, you have to kick the bottom of the ball. 3. How to deal with foot pain when playing football? If it is ankle injury caused by playing footballWI play football with my feethy do I always have cramps when playing football? It's painful
Professional players should exercise for at least 6 hours every day, so that they will rarely get injured. For amateurs, it is impossible to have the physical ability to do a large amount of exercise like professional players. It is recommended that they warm up and run 500-800 meters before exercise, which is good for their health. In this way, they will reduce cramps, shortness of breath and so on. More
I play football with my feet

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