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Playing football in the South

2022-06-26 16:00Football match score
Summary: Do northerners play football more or SouthI was born in the south. I studied in the north when I was in college. There are many people playing football in the South and North. I think the north is far
Do northerners play football more or South
I was born in the south. I studied in the north when I was in college. There are many people playing football in the South and North. I think the north is far more than the south. It's not that there are fewer southerners who are passionate about football, but that there are fewer land and more people. I started playing football in junior high school, but the school only has half a football field, and it is still a concrete groundWhy do more people play basketball in the South than football in the north
It's cold in the north. Playing football won't cause frostbite. Ha ha
Are northerners better than southerners in Chinese football
Indeed, northerners play football far more than southerners. Liaoning football used to dominate for ten times in a rPlaying football in the Southow. However, this has nothing to do with the body. On the contrary, after the reform and opening up, the population flow has been very large. Many Northerners have settled in the south, and there is no great differencPlaying football in the Southe in the physique between the South and the north. The reason why there are few southerners playing football is that there is not enough landXinjiang teenagers play football in the snow. What other activities are the happiness that southerners can't experience
In addition, the temperature is lower, and it is troublesome to travel like a zongzi. This is the difference between the north and the south. People in the South will be very excited when they see the snow, just like the little boy, enjoying the excitement and happiness brought by the heavy snow. Playing football in snowy days can not only exercise physical fitness, but also leave a good memory for the children in the southIn your mind, who is the greatest football player in China
He is the greatest footballer in Chinese history. Together with Pele, he is known as the world's five football kings. (lihuitang, the ball king) lihuitang's father, lihaoru, is a famous construction worker. He thought lihuitang was the eldest son of his family and should inherit his father's career, so he was strictly forbidden to play footballAre there many peoplePlaying football in the South playing football or basketball in China
Under normal circumstances, there are more football fans than basketball fans in China. I don't deny that, and there are many more. But if there are more football fans or basketball fans, there must be more basketball fans. I don't know whether LZ asked about professional sports or mass sports. If it's professional, it should be the sameWhat is the history of Guangzhou football
Hopefully, this will be another spring of Guangdong football, and the history of struggling to survive in difficulties will be ended. However, the history is far from as simple as people imagine that Guangdong football, an important southern city of Chinese football, is moving forward in a straight line. It is still uncertain whether Guangdong football, after a decade of decline, can polish its own signboard and what the future will beA provincial football team is formed according to the place of origin to play the China Cup. Which provincial team can win the cup
If you come to Dalian or Shenyang, as long as there is a football field, someone will play football on weekends. Loving and popularizing football will increase the population of football. There are more amateur and professional football players than in other provinces. However, with the official announcement of the Chinese Football Association on May 23, the Liaoning football team was disbandedWhy are northerners better than southerners in Chinese football
Firstly, northerners are better physicallyPlaying football in the South. Secondly, the foundation of football in the north is good. Football schools started early and local governments pay more attention to it
What do you say in football doggerel
If you can't eat grapes, you will say grapes are sour. If you can't play football well, you will say the ball is not round. If you can't shoot a goal, you will say the door is too flat. If you can't win, you will say your heart is too soft. Playing football in the South says the weather is too warm, playing football in the North says the ground is too cold, playing football in the East says the food is too salty, and playing football in the west says the food is too sweet. Too many people watching the ball said they were upset
Playing football in the South

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