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Football match time

Aunt plays football the football match is over

2022-06-25 04:13Football match time
Summary: Volume II unit 2 (exercises) composition of watching pictures and playing footballAfter the football match was over, the students of czechoman primary school came to the football field to play footbal
Volume II unit 2 (exercises) composition of watching pictures and playing football
After the football match was over, the students of czechoman primary school came Aunt plays football  the football match is overto the football field to play football. They were divided into the "denoban" team and the "golden" team. The members of both sides were full of fighting spirit and spirit. I saw a few of them deftly put their hats and book bags into a goal, and opened the formation for the gamePlaying football composition 400 words
This made the yellow team members very angry. Scud Xiao Ming was angry! With one kick, he kicked the football far away. The football rolled on the ground. Xiaoming was very angry. Transparent beads of sweat flowed from his cheeks. He pursed his small mouth and kept chasing it. Go straight to an aunt's windowThe 200 word composition of the aunt who hit the football
On Sunday, the weather was fine and sunny. Xiao Ming, Xiao Gang and Xiao Liang went to play football. XiaoAunt plays football  the football match is over Liang is the defender, Xiao Ming and Xiao Gang are the players. Xiao Ming is quick and fast. Xiao Gang is sweating after him. They can play hard. Xiao Liang defends even better. He keeps the goal tightlyPlaying football made my aunt's clothes dirty
I couldn't help shouting: "pass it on! Pass it on!" The teammates did pass the ball! At this time, I was very nervous, and my heart was beating a drum. I seized the opportunity to make an "upside down golden hook". Alas, the ball seems to have eyes. It entered the goal impartially... It's fun to play footballFootball playing clothes at aunt's house look at the picture and write a question
On Saturday morning, it was sunny and breezy. Xiaoming comes to his yard and kicks the ball away. He sees his mother's clothes pulling a rope. Xiaoming thinks this can just let him practice shooting. Xiao Ming shot with all his strength, only to hear the "pa" sound of the ball hitting his clothes. Xiao Ming was stunned and thought: NoPlaying football broke the flowerpot of the aunt next door
The title is honesty! First of all, I wrote that playing football broke my aunt's basin, but she didn't know, so I thought I wouldn't tell her. But I remembered the teacher's instruction to be an honest child, so I went to tell my aunt that I broke her basin. Then the aunt not only did not criticize you, but also praised your honestyOne day, while playing football, you accidentally broke your shoes. You found the aunt who mended the shoes Please tie
Aunt can't~~~
The picture composition (playing football) in unit 2 of Volume II of grade 5 of Chinese is in urgent need of model essay
I saw him with his hands on his knees, squatting, staring intently at the football, eager to try. The little boy staAunt plays football  the football match is overnding behind him, dressed in red sportswear and with a strong stomach, was a little unconvinced. When his big brother broke his leg yesterday, he kicked away a ball and won. He thought of itPlaying football 450 word composition
1. When I was playing football, my brother and I were playing football in the yard this afternoon. You have a foot, and I am still playing with it. I am very happy. My younger brother is young, but he plays football very well; For a while, he "shoots" vigorously and dodges cleverly; Every now and then I can get a point! I'm sure I'll winWrite a composition about playing football, about 450 words
My favorite sport is playing football. Whenever IAunt plays football  the football match is over see on TV that the players are so energetic, energetic, natural and unrestrained on the football field, I admire it very much and gradually fall in love with playing football. After primary school, I became the most powerful football player in my class. Once, we had a game with class four
Aunt plays football the football match is over

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