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Being hit while playing football

2022-06-25 04:37Football match time
Summary: Who is responsible for playing football and bumping into each otherThe school did not inform the students of the corresponding safety and risks before they played football. At the time of the incident
Who is responsible for playing football and bumping into each other
The school did not inform the students of the corresponding safety and risks before they played football. At the time of the incident, the physical education teacher was not on-site to observe and supervise the students' activities. During the dispute settlement, the school did not help the plaintiff with identification and insurance claim settlement. Therefore, the plaintiff believes that the school bears the corresponding management fault liability, and should also bear the liability for compensation for the plaintiff's personal damage. SoI was hit by a ball on my arm (near my wrist) when Being hit while playing footballI was playing football and guarding the goal. What should I do
Answer: Problem Analysis: in this case, first of all, check whether the wrist affects the activity. If you don't dare to move, you should go to the local hospital for film Being hit while playing footballinspection. If you only have pain or swelling, you can use Yunnan Baiyao aerosol for external treatment. If it is within 24 hours, it can be treated with iceWhen playing football, two people chase the ball. Is it a foul for one person to hit the other
Playing football is when two people pursue one person and knock the other down. It depends on whether it is intentional. If it is not intentional, it does not belong to a foul. It belongs to normal collisionWhen playing football, the left chest is hit with pain. How to treat it quickly and effectively
I am the guard of the school team, so I am often injured= Experienced in this kind of problem. (not boasting) your condition is normal. It will generally be better after a period of time. But don't do any more strenuous exercise or stretching during this timeI was knocked into my right eye playing football and almost fainted. I feelBeing hit while playing football headache now. What should I do? It can't be cerebral hemorrhage_ Hundred
Use ice pack to find a piece of ice, wrap it in a cloth, and gently put it on your eyes. It will be good in a few hours. I used to have this situation before and kicked it in my eyesI was hit in the thigh by my opponent's knee when I was playing football yesterday
Friend, through your description and clinical symptoms, you may have knee joint injury. My advice to you is to go to the orthopaedics department of a regular hospital for a doctor's diagnosis and treatment. First, you should receive X-ray examination. After the fracture is eliminated, it is recommended to apply anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream locally. You can do ice compress treatmentShould one side be held responsible for the injury caused by the collision of kicking ball
The opinions of Mr. Li from the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China are more applicable to professional and organized competitive competitions. Fault liability and no fault liability should be applied to social sports activities such as students playing football. Finally, the society should implement fair relief to the victims. Therefore, the applicable principles are different when dealing with cases. Zhang Wen: any laws and regulations have their scope of applicationWho is responsible for the broken nose when playing football
If the other party commits a malicious foul, you can appropriately bear more. You can negotiate privately. Taking the legal channel for a long time will be detrimental to you and make both sides unhappy. If you buy personal accident insurance, you can also ask the insurance company to compensate for medical expenses. You like playing footballWho is responsible for playing football and bumping into each other
No one is right or wrong in a collision on the court. Normal collision does not need to be responsible, unless it is a malicious collisionPlaying football, my chest was accidentally hit by otheBeing hit while playing footballrs. What's wrong
Maybe he hurt his ribs But since normal breathing is OK, it means there is no serious damage to the ribs I have experienced this kind of thing when playing football. I will get well soon after two days of cultivation and no strenuous exercise
Being hit while playing football

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