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Play football and let go

2022-06-22 20:02Football match time
Summary: On May 29, China vs Germany, will Germany release waterGao Hongbo's first show was a success. Gao Hongbo's employment orientation is correct. In China's football circle, there should be no bi
On May 29, China vs Germany, will Germany release water
Gao Hongbo's first show was a success. Gao Hongbo's employment orientation is correct. In China's football circle, there should be no big names, nor should we place our hope of not losing on any player. As long as the Chinese team plays at a normal level, they are not afraid of their opponents, dare to be responsible on the court, and do not play rogue footballI play football. If you have defensive problems, please ask
You are admirable for your study But if you want to become famous like the big names of the national football team, I hope you can learn from them When it's time to release water, release water 2 Don't play when the cards are big (the coach will beg you. Then your salary, fame and reputation will be like rockets) 3 If you can't kick it, hit it At least take down your opponent
Football technical terms common sayings about football
Simple explanation: going to the meeting with one stroke: a player on the offensive side and a goalkeeper on the defensive side beat the door with two ghosts: it means that two players on the offensive side and the goalkeeper form two pairs of goals: one player scores two goals in a game Hat trick: a player scores three goals in a gameIn the sports field, what wonderful operations have appeared
In many competitions, we can see that he is several positions ahead of his opponent. At this time, bolt usually chooses to relax and run, obviously feeling that the speed has decreased. Some people will say that bolt's limit is definitely not 9.58 seconds, so we don't know whether it is. Now he has retired to play footballDid the Chinese men's football team deliberately kick the fake ball and lose the 2002 Hercules cup
Before the start of the 2002 World CPlay football and let goup group match, the Chinese team learned that the defending champion FrPlay football and let goance would be out with an embarrassing record of not scoring a goal, and that the Asian brother Saudi Arabia would lose all three wars, scoring zero and losing 12 goals (0-8 in the first round to Germany), ranking 32nd, and so onDid Brazil release water in the semi-finals of the world cup in Brazil
At this moment, the past honors and achievements of Brazilian football were completely shattered by the Germans, and the powerful Brazil became a lamb to be slaughtered. Brazil and Germany are both strong teams in the world. Why did they play such a big game in the semi-finals of the world cup? Many people suspect that the Brazilians deliberately let the water go, which is completely groundless speculationThe Chinese men's football team lost 3-1 to the Vietnamese men's football team. Was the last goal released
We are a big country with a population of 1.4 billion. Our women's volleyball team, table tennis team, badminton, diving, swimming, floor exercises and other events have quickly entered the first echelon in a short time. I believe that the men's football team will also be brave after being ashamed, brave to fight a turnaround, rush out of Asia, rush to the world and create our brillianceIs it unlucky to let water out of a football match
To avoid unnecessary combat attrition, we should also give some opportunities to substitute players. Therefore, this is not because any team wants to release water, but because of the needs of the whole war. If any team wants to climb to the top of the European Cup, it is not possible to avoid any team. There are no absolutes on the football field, so it's no wonder that there is a sudden coldDid the Chinese men's football team deliberately release water to Costa Rica and Turkey in 2002
Strength is here.. The Chinese men's football team is like a Dou who can't help himself to the wall. Do you think the Chinese team is very strong? In the 2002 World Cup between South Korea and Japan, the host teams of South Korea and Japan had the qualification to directly enter the finals. At that time, the Chinese team entered the finals after excluding these two Asian giantsWhat do you mean by draining
The National Olympic Games lost this time. The fans finally wake up. Chinese football without a big storm will only be disillusioned in comfort. Maybe the wind of reform will come soon. I hope we will see the spring of Chinese football! It just doesn't help to play well If the gate isPlay football and let go blocking the water, bribe the gate Play football and let goand let you pass
Play football and let go

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