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Live broadcast of football match

Don't broadcast football I'm sorry

2022-06-28 21:51Live broadcast of football match
Summary: Is it right or wrong for CCTV not to broadcast Chinese footballI'm really sorry. " In fact, liujianhong's phone was almost exploded. He said frankly, "everyone is very familiar, but it'
Is it right or wrong for CCTV not to broadcast Chinese football
I'm really sorry. " In fact, liujianhong's phone was almost exploded. He said frankly, "everyone is very familiar, but it's really inconvenient for me to say anything." Of course, although CCTV does not broadcast the national football match, Liu Jianhong himself watched the national football match with Japan and wrote comments after the game. ThereafterWhy doesn't CCTV broadcast world football recently
The sub columns include: the green heavyweight, watching the ball and listening to music, big picture football, top ten goals and saves, etc. Program quotatiDon't broadcast football  I'm sorryon: Henry: the last stop of Highbury, the last kiss of Highbury. When the fireworks rise, the time of King Highbury, which once belonged to Henry, will not pass with the yearsWhy doesn't CCTV broadcast the Chinese football match? Please, thank you
Because of the uncertainty of recent football events and poor performance, CCTV decided to temporarily block Chinese football
Why doesn't CCTV5 broadcast the football match
At 04:00 on Monday, February 15, the match between Atletico Madrid, La Liga and Barcelona was broadcast live. As for C5, because of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, after the opening ceremony on the 13th until the closing ceremony on February 28, C5 was changed to the Olympic Channel, and other events had to make way for the Winter Olympic GamesWhy doesn't the sports channel broadcast the opening ceremony of CSL??? ChineseDon't broadcast football  I'm sorry football is so bad that you are disappointed
The most recommended one: it turns out that tears and sea water are affectionate, but the important thing is that you can't be satisfied with everything in your lifeWhy didn't the Tokyo Olympic men's football team broadcast it
Whether it's football or basketball, every Olympic game will be broadcast on TV or mobile phone. If you don't see the broadcast, it may be because your software doesn't support Ruan Bo. You can download a Migu video in your mobile mallWhy is European football not broadcast in China
There are many domestic broadcasts of the five major European leagues and the Champions League, and it is normal that the leagues in small countries are basically not broadcastWon't CCTV broadcast the football match tonight
It stinks before. In addition, the sports channel and the sports event channel will broadcast the gymnastics women's team and the Chinese women's basketball team live. The Chinese women's football game can only be broadcast on the ultra-high definition channel
CCTV5 does not broadcast ChiDon't broadcast football  I'm sorrynese football. What do you think
I am very supportive of not Broadcasting Chinese football, not only CCTV, but also any channel. I divide the people who like watching football into three categories: first, they like football, so you don't want to watch Chinese football. It's just the lowest level playing method. It's all played like this. Sometimes they don't often learn from others to perforDon't broadcast football  I'm sorrym some things, such as black whistle and beatingWhy doesn't CCTV5 broadcast Premier League football matches
I don't think CCTV will use such broadcasting resources to broadcast European second-class leagues such as Bundesliga. However, CCTV also has an unshirkable responsibility. It is difficult to understand that the broadcast of NBA games often shows signs, such as TNT ESPN fox, while the broadcast of the Premier League does not allow signs
Don't broadcast football I'm sorry

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